Achieving a Better Life Experience Act

In 2014, President Obama signed into law The Stephen Beck, Jr., Achieving a Better Life Experience Act (ABLE Act). In January 2016, New Jersey enacted its version of ABLE Act, but was not effectuated until June 18, 2018 when the New Jersey Human Services Commissioner announced the launching of the NJ ABLE program. NJ’s ABLE program also offers a range of investment options to disabled persons.

ABLE accounts allow eligible individuals with disabilities and their families to save money for disability related expenses in a tax exempt account known as an ABLE account. ABLE accounts are tax advantaged savings accounts for individuals with disabilities and their families. It allows them to save private funds to supplement benefits provided through private insurance, Medicaid, supplemental security income (SSI), employment, and other sources.

By establishing an ABLE account, beneficiaries can save money for disability related expenses while maintaining eligibility for means tested Federal benefit programs such as SSI and Medicaid. Money saved in an ABLE account will not affect an individual’s eligibility for SSI (up to $100,000) and will allow the beneficiary to maintain eligibility for Medicaid and other public benefits. These accounts can then be used for certain expenses such as education and training, employment, financial assistance, housing, personal care, transportation, assistive technology, burial expenses, legal fees, long term services and support. Withdrawals made for any other reasons may create a penalty.


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