Elder Law


Many people ask us if we are elder law attorneys. The answer is yes. Generally speaking, attorneys who practice in this area of the law handle a wide variety of legal matters for older or disabled persons. Those issues can includes addressing important financial and estate planning matters, long term care planning, guardianships or conservatorships.


Elder law encompasses putting traditional estate planning documents such as wills, powers of attorneys, advanced health care directives and proxies. It may also include asset preservation planning or the creation of trusts or the implementation of gifting plans.

For those who have not created their estate plans, guardianship and conservatorships may be required.

The elderly and disabled are confronted with many obstacles as their health declines. As elder law attorneys we deal with sensitive emotional and physical needs of older or disabled adults, and are therefore able to handle a variety of challenging situations. For example, we may assist with Social Security, Medicare denials or applying for Medicaid benefits, should the issue arise. We may assist with day-to-day issues affecting the actual care of seniors, such as assisted living and nursing home.


The attorneys at Weiss & Tom are experienced elder law attorneys. We can assist you during these challenging times. For more information on how the attorneys at Weiss & Tom may be able to assist you, please contact us at (973) 694-5511 or contact us online.